LANE TABB is an influential Creative Director and Manufacturing Guru who specializes in fashion accessories. LANE has created collections for some of todays most respected brands in the USA and abroad.

Lane has a background in Fashion,  fine art, photography and Cultural Theory.  Having earned her bachelor's, and then later her Masters certificate, at The Parsons School of Art & Design in New York City in fashion, Tabb also earned her MFA in Photography, and MA in Cultural Theory at the State University of New York.  After finishing school , Tabb spent a few years working in the New York art world, First at the famed Metro Pictures and then later as an Assistant Director to the iconic Gallerist Gavin Brown, at Gavin Brown's Enterprise.  After taking some time to  travel the world in her mid 20's , Tabb discovered her admiration, and deep love for great design, craftsmanship and fashion. Tabb changed course and began working on handmade knits for Donna Karan's runway collections through an apprenticeship at a friend’s atelier. From there Tabb was scooped up by Karan to work at the more corporate DKNY- and Tabb's career took off form there working for many brands and in many categories.

Lane Launched LTAG, formally {emhcreativeprojects} in 2005 with her first consulting project for Kate Spade working independently on the creative direction for an eyewear collection for the brand.  Tabb had worked  for Spade for 3 years  prior as Director of Technical Design.  Tabb cites her time at Kate Spade as one of her most beloved career experiences and the place that most prepared he for her own accessories atelier. 



In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
— Coco Channel